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One Thousand Impossible Things
Okay...This looks bad...
29th-Oct-2030 10:34 am - Friends Only

Soltanto la famiglia, richiesta dell'amico se volete ma a meno che lo conosca io non lo accetterà.

Only Family, friend request if you want but unless I know you I will not accept it...
7th-Feb-2011 04:54 pm - Problem...
Alright. So for those who aren't familiar with the practice, it's sometimes easier for writers of original fiction to write if they have a solid picture in their head of what a character would look like if say, their story was turned into a movie.

To that end, I'm having a major issue with one character, so I'm attempting to take the problem out of my hands a bit.

moooore infoCollapse )
7th-Nov-2010 01:20 pm - NaNoWriMo
Since I'm quitting my job, I'll have time for Nano this year. The question is...which story to work on, I have 7 possible stories to work on (oh yeah, cheating a bit) but I can't decide which one of them I should work on. So I've decided to open it up to a vote of my flist and my fb friends.

A bit of summary for the stories along with my very unoriginal ideas and my very unoriginal titles that mostly come from songs, along with the communities associated with them:
SummariesCollapse )

So heres my poll, vote dudes~

Poll #1641741 Blaaaaaah

Which story should I do?

Find A Way To Save Me
Canta Per Me
Rabbit Hearted Girl
A Place to Bury Strangers
Dopo il Sogno
*sigh* Gamma
Egad...Collapse ) The journals that italicized are the ones I'm currently using at official rps
5th-Sep-2010 01:09 pm - Varolo.com
Alright, sooooo I've been looking around online for ways to make money since I don't have a fucking job....and this site had an ad on craigslist. It's interesting...essentially, you can make money by watching ads on this site. Problem is, unless you sponsor people, you can't make money. So I'm asking people to sign up to be part of my village and help me earn money and earn some for themselves. As far as I can see, there are no drawbacks to this site other than having to watch commercials online. You don't pay to use it or anything, everything is done through paypal. Check it out and join my village, please!!

Heres my custom link: Varolo.com
12th-Jun-2010 07:10 pm - An ಠ_ಠ entry for old times sake.
So last night Olivia--my disgusting roommate from last year--and two of her friends that I've gotten friendly with drove down from Kazoo to go to a club on my side of the state, Necto, because they have really awesome gay nights on Fridays.

Everything was fine and good for most of the night, we were drinking and dancing and having a ball.

I will now pasta the explanation that I gave youkoyuri about how the night went south:

ಠ_ಠxInfinityCollapse )

Yeah...good times...not....
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