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One Thousand Impossible Things
Okay...This looks bad...
An ಠ_ಠ entry for old times sake. 
12th-Jun-2010 07:10 pm
So last night Olivia--my disgusting roommate from last year--and two of her friends that I've gotten friendly with drove down from Kazoo to go to a club on my side of the state, Necto, because they have really awesome gay nights on Fridays.

Everything was fine and good for most of the night, we were drinking and dancing and having a ball.

I will now pasta the explanation that I gave youkoyuri about how the night went south:

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05:04 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Last night I went out to a club with my friends.....and....it was not pretty
05:10 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Oh ho
05:10 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Do tell
05:10 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Still suffering from a hangover?
05:13 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Not so much anymore. I slept for about 9 hours. And I can walk without getting nauseous. I just have a slight headache and my hips ache from dancing.
05:15 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Nice, sounds like a good day
05:15 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: I would love to go dancing all night. I wouldn't drink a lot though :P
05:17 PM Mi Caro Cuore: First of all, I drank waaaaay too much. I had a pomegranite long island, a purple rain, a regular long island, a vodka sunrise, a white russian and this huge drink called a fishbowl. So named because it is like 5 drinks in one and they have to put it in a little plastic fish bowl
05:19 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Why? 0.o I order like one or two drinks and maybe sip off of people if it looks good and I want to try it
05:19 PM Mi Caro Cuore: So I'm good and drunk and we're sitting down talking to these guys and my ex-roommate suddenly starts making out with one of them. I go over to talk to another guy and just laugh at her but the next thing we know, she's sucking his cock! AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS WHERE 30 PEOPLE WALK PAST EVERY 5 MINUTES
05:19 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: UGH
05:19 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Also, I'M AT WORK
05:20 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Because I wasn't getting drunk fast enough. Drinks were half off
05:20 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Please don't cap things I don't want people to read over my shoulder :P
05:20 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Lol, sorry but that's the end of the NSFW
05:22 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Ugh, that's sucky. You'd think they'd at least go somewhere more private :/
05:23 PM Mi Caro Cuore: So she gets kicked out, I stay in the club dancing for about another 45 minutes with this gay guy and I've lost everyone else. When I finally get tired, I go outside to find everyone and then these two Jamaican guys come up and right off the bat, Olivia goes to flirt with them and predictably starts making out with him. I go over to pull her away and his friend tries to make out with me. I sidle away and pull Olivia away and then we leave.
05:24 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Is Olivia the cock sucking one?
05:26 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Then Olivia wants to find a freakin' White Castle. I told them before they even came that I didn't know where one was and that they were probably all closed but they insisted that they knew where one was. So they put it in the GPS and we're lost for like two hours trying to find it and I get sick in the car and can't figure out how to open the door when we pull over and puke ALL OVER MYSELF. And we have to keep stopping as we're trying so I can do it some more. And then we find the White Castle but there was no way that we were going through the drive in with my side of the car covered in puke.
05:26 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Yeah, she is. She was one of my roommates last year
05:27 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Wow, your night went from awesome to super sucky
05:27 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Mm, vomit and overly affectionate friends, sexy :P
05:27 PM Mi Caro Cuore: So then we eventually make it back to Belleville and as we're turning the corner to my street, we have to pull over for me again and then we get pulled over by the cops. These asshole cops who are really rude and call our friend a faggot and are generally just insulting
05:28 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: See, in WASHINGTON, we don't have insulting cops
05:29 PM Mi Caro Cuore: My friends also had weed in the car so they surrendered it before the car could get searched. They gave the driver a breathalyzer but she blew under so she was fine and we're all over 21 so that was fine but they put our guy friend in handcuffs because the weed was in the glove box in front of him, which was ridiculous. And then they searched through mine and Olivia's purses and emptied out my pockets.
05:30 PM Mi Caro Cuore: The second two of which, they apparently had no right to do since we weren't under arrest. So we're going to complain about that and they fact that they were rude on Monday.
05:31 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Yeah, do that for sure
05:31 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Don't let the assholes get away with it
05:31 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: There's a difference between doing your job and just taking advantage
05:34 PM Mi Caro Cuore: They also mispelled paraphenaelia, wrote the wrong year for the car and put that it was silver when it's green. Which my friends want to complain about and will get laughed out of court for. First of all, I'm pretty sure that I just mispelled that word, second, writing the wrong year was a typo and they corrected it and the car is like...lol, silvery green. I thought it was silver when I first saw it. So I'm trying to convince them to let it got, but they're under the impression that they'll be able to get out of the entire ticket for just that. Which is ridiculous. The driver took responsibility for the weed--which I was sure as hell not since I didn't buy it or smoke it-- and she got a ticket. So they seem to think that the fact that there were spelling errors on the ticket makes up for the fact that they did actually have weed in the car.
05:34 PM Mi Caro Cuore: The cops being rude, yeah. We can say something about that and they'll likely get a reprimand but that's all we have.
05:38 PM Mi Caro Cuore: And then my friend who got handcuffed told them to have a good fucking night and they tried to get on them about that. And they new they didn't have anything against him because it's not illegal to swear so they couldn't do shit about it.
05:42 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Yeah, don't bother with the stupid detail things
05:42 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: It just makes your case look stupid
05:43 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: You won't be able to get out of the ticket since someone took credit for the weed already
05:43 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Yeah. And I told them that the first time they started talking about it but they ignored me
05:43 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: The most you can do is complain
05:43 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: And they problem will nod at you and do nothing
05:43 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: probably *
05:44 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Well whatever, they DO know their ticket can INCREASE if they're stupid, right?
05:45 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Well, the insulting, like I said, they cops will get in trouble for that, especially calling him a faggot but the shit about the spelling errors is ridiculous. And I tried to tell them that they were just gonna make things worse by doing that. I sent them a text about it like an hour ago after I talked to my Dad but they haven't replied back about it.
05:45 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Well you did your best
05:45 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: If they're going to be stupid despite that it's on them
05:47 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Yeah, and I'm not supporting them on it, just like I wouldn't cop on the weed. I'm not about to go down because they're stupid. If they had lied and said that I smoked and payed for the weed I would have have willingly taken a drug test and would have like...documented my finances to prove that I don't have any money missing.
05:47 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Though they're also convinced that the cops stole money from us after they searched us because one of them had a wad of money in his hands after he was done
05:48 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: The problem with that is that there's no way to prove it
05:49 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: What's the amount they give you a ticket for on weed anyways?
05:49 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Nope, there isn't. I mean...we can go through what we spent. And I'm pretty sure that I spent almost all my cash. But Olivia is convinced she had more money when we left the club.
05:50 PM Mi Caro Cuore: We won't know until the court date. She got charged with possession of illegal drugs and possession of drug paraphenalia
05:52 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Well honestly I wouldn't be surprised if one of the guys she whored herself to got into her money
05:52 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: *is mean*
05:52 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Lol, that's exactly what I thought though, so I have nothing to say about you being mean
05:54 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Haha, good to hear
05:54 PM Mi Caro Cuore: Yeah....so.....ugh...yeah
05:54 PM Mi Caro Cuore: And I couldn't get out of bed(couch) today until 4 when my Dad called
05:55 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: Well I would say at least now you know better
05:55 PM youkoyuri@gmail.com: But probably not :P
05:57 PM Mi Caro Cuore: I knew that I was drinking too much. If I had stopped before the fishbowl that would have been fine. I might have felt a little bad but it was that one that tipped me over

Yeah...good times...not....
12th-Jun-2010 11:20 pm (UTC)
.... my mind kind of got frazzled after reading the caps of that old roommate.

She broke Ranch dressing for me, man. She broke it so bad.
12th-Jun-2010 11:55 pm (UTC)

And yeah...my mind is frazzled now that I'm sober enough to realize just how fucked up it is. When I was drunk I just thought it was funny. Now it's just disturbing...
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